Access Control

woman_with_card_reader_smFor many types of businesses, it’s important to manage who has access to the building. Monitoring who goes in and out is the easiest way for owners and administrators to regulate access to their valuable inventory and corporate records. Today, the most resourceful and cost-effective way to keep tabs on building traffic is with an access control system. ABCO Security Systems has installed access control systems for a number of businesses throughout the Tri-State Area, and we will gladly do the same for yours.


 Access control is a digital card system that authorizes entry to building occupants easily and effectively, with electronic locking systems that are released by access cards or individual user codes. When employees and other authorized individuals swipe their cards at the door sensor, the door automatically unlocks to grant them entry. Unauthorized individuals cannot enter, as the door stays locked.


WINPAK_Vista_hiAt ABCO, we offer fully functional access control solutions that:And, when combined with additional services like alarms or CCTV monitoring, access control offers your business impervious security protection. To inquire about access control for your business, contact ABCO to request a complimentary security analysis.