24 Hour Monitoring


We understand that any security threat needs to be dealt with quickly.

A state-of-the-art 24-hour UL Monitoring Center is essential.

  • A professional staff of trained security professionals monitor your home or business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Computer-assisted reporting assures quick, accurate identification of alarms so that no time is wasted in an emergency situation.
  • Secure monitoring centers with standby power facilities provide uninterrupted service, even under the most adverse conditions.
  • Complete documentation with printed records detail all activity and report alarm conditions.
  • Periodic testing and facility inspections keep you safe. Monitoring facilities are subjected to random inspections throughout the year by UL to ensure strict adherence to UL specifications.

What is computarized monitoring?

Thanks to great advances in modern security, your alarm is much more than an early warning detection system.

police_med_fireHow does an alarm activation from your home or business reach our central station? A signal is transmitted either digitally via telephone lines or via a cellular signal to a computer network for decoding into the English language. All of this occurs in under 60 seconds. Highly trained professionals take over from here.

The operator receiving the signal now has on his/her monitor the name and address of where the alarm originated as well as the type of alarm -- fire, burglar, temperature, etc. Special instructions also appear on the screen accompanied by emergency contact numbers and the persons who are to be notified of the alarm activation. Within seconds, the emergency notification number is automatically dialed. Security Central's operator has all the necessary information at his/her fingertips to relay to the dispatcher so help will be on its way to you in an instant.


Cellular Backup Option

wirecutsmallCellular backup provides your home or business with the highest level of security available. In the event telephone service is interrupted, your security system can still transmit alarms and supervisory signals to Security Central. Radio and cellular units can be easily installed and there's no change in the way you use your security system.

Cellular backup signals communicate on the secure digital part of the network, so there are no busy signals or dropped calls. Security Central incorporates separate receivers as well as a fully supervised network to insure fast and efficient communication from virtually any system.

You made a good decision securing your home and business. Make another good decision and secure your monitoring.