Life Safety Services

ABCO Security Systems is always concerned with the well being of our clients. For that reason, we wish to provide our customers with valuable life safety information. To help communicate these messages, First Alert Professional Security Systems has partnered with the National Crime Prevention Council to develop a variety of brochures that address important safety topics. Use these free booklets to learn more about:

Personal Safety

Whether you are at home, in your car or at work, you may be a potential target for crime. First Alert Professional and the National Crime Prevention Council have partnered to provide the booklet “How to Make a Habit of Personal Safety.” This brochure provides over 150 tips designed to significantly increase the personal safety of your family. Topics addressed include:

  • Burglary prevention
  • Workplace safety
  • Car theft
  • Street smarts

Click here to obtain this booklet along with a free home safety and security evaluation.

Fire Safety

Fire threatens a home and family every 57 seconds. First Alert Professional, in conjunction with the International Association of Fire Chiefs, will show you how to lessen the danger of a fire by following fire precautions. This booklet also includes fire prevention information, with tips including:

  • Don't overload your electrical circuits. This is one of the foremost causes of fires.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.
  • Don't smoke in bed.
  • Keep combustibles far from heat sources.
  • Don't accumulate oil or grease soaked rags.
  • Use a fire detection and/or smoke warning system in your home.

Beyond these prevention procedures, the booklet details the important information you need to know if a fire strikes. This comprehensive brochure should be reviewed by every family member.

Click here to obtain this booklet along with a free home safety and security evaluation.