Mining Industry Services

coal_supportABCO Security Systems has proudly specialized in industrial security products specific to the mining industry for over 25 years. Because of his many years working as a coal miner, electrician and mine foreman, owner Robert Welch brings a complete understanding of mining operations when designing systems for your security, safety and production needs.

In addition, all current lead technicians have at least 10 years of experience providing electronic systems to the mining industry; plus, all ABCO technicians possess requisite MSHA certifications and will always have the required personal protection equipment (PPE) when arriving at your site.

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Asset Protection

CCTV Surveillance

Access Control

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Gated Entry Systems

Fiber Optic Services

Wireless Ethernet 

    Proven, Successful Applications

    Equipment Operator Supervision
    Stockpile Monitoring
    Load-Out Documentation
    Plant / Belt Line Supervision
    Asset Protection & Tracking
    Slurry Flow/Pump Supervision
    Gas/CO Detection
    Fire/Smoke Detection
    Tank Level Monitoring
    Temperature Monitoring
    Office\Bath House Security
    Warehouse\Storage Facilities
    Portal Entry Detection
    Remote Pump Stations/Fans
    Equipment Storage Yards
    Warehouse Inventory Control
    Remote Site Monitoring
    Site Visitor Management
    Environmental Monitoring
    Leak/Spill Detection

ABCO Security offers a wide array of electronic systems designed to ensure the optimal security, safety and productivity of your mining operation. To learn more, contact us for a complimentary site analysis.