Central Vacuum

Centralized vacuum systems provide a cleaner, quieter, and more convenient method for keeping your house in order. As an authorized installer of M&S Systems, ABCO can design and install a Central Vacuum System for your new or existing home. Central vacuum systems provide more power than conventional upright canisters and maintain better indoor air quality by totally removing dust and dirt from the living area and not recirculated back into the room. A single unit with easy-to-change accessories cleans all home surfaces, including drapes and mini-blinds, without having to lug around a vacuum!

Gold Series
Disposable Bag

- Cutting-Edge Noise Reduction Technology
- High-Tech "Smart" Features
- An Extended 10-year "No-Fault" Warranty
- Superior Cleaning
- Greater Convenience
- Better Performance
- Improved Indoor Air Quality
- Built-In Inlet Port
- Soft start

A Central Vacuum System consists of up to a 35’ hose, attachments, and pipe routed in the walls, networked from the power unit to inlet valves which are placed at strategic locations to ensure complete coverage in the residence. The power unit is usually placed in the garage or mechanical room where venting outside, if desired, could be achieved (Venting is not necessary). Central Vacuum systems are not only healthier and quieter than canister type vacuum cleaners but they are also much easier to handle, especially with stairs in the house. In addition, with their specialty attachments, they can clean areas unreachable with traditional cleaning systems. Also, with convenient features like VacPan,you will never have to reach for a dust pan and bend down with it again.