Gated Entry: Installation and Service

For upscale private homes, industrial sites, and government municipalities, gated entry can be the most effective way to regulate entry onto the property and keep its occupants safe.gate3

Is gated entry right for your property? It could be, if you own or manage a:

  • Large estate home
  • Upscale residential community
  • Multi-building commercial/industrial site
  • Security-sensitive municipal site


To accommodate the security needs of these locations, ABCO Security Systems offers a variety of gated entry solutions, including:

  • Barrier arm style gates with battery backed up operation
  • Gated community entrances for residential neighborhoods
  • Slide security gates for residential or commercial/industrial

Installation is provided for any gated entry system you purchase from ABCO, and servicing/repair is available for any gated entry system you already own – whether or not we installed it.


To learn more about gated entry solutions, contact ABCO to inquire about a complimentary security analysis of your home or business property.