What Burglars Don't Want You To Know

December 24, 2018

Burglars are professionals at figuring out how to get into your space and steal your valuables. They know who and which addresses are fair game and what situations present the greatest possibilities. And burglars are banking on your not knowing how they do this. Here are some trade secrets to help you anticipate and shut down a burglar's rotten game.

They Have Day Jobs

Burglars have legit day jobs that involve access to your home. Don't give the carpet cleaner the run of your house and don't let him use the bathroom. Sounds rude, but most burglars use such ploys to scope out the interior of your joint or to unlock their favorite access points.

They Choose "Odd" Entrances

Burglars typically enter homes through windows above kitchen sinks and even second floor windows. Be sure to install home alarm systems that include motion sensors on these access points in particular.

They Know The Usual Hiding Spots

Burglars know where you hide your valuables. In sock drawers, for example. Their banking on your having stowed jewelry and money in your prized pairs of argyle.

They Can Pick Up Your Small Safe

Burglars know your safe isn't bolted down. If it's not, they'll take the whole thing. They know you don't know this. Now you do.

They Are On Your Social Media

Burglars don't want you to know they check your Facebook page and other social media to determine when you're out of your house, say, for vacation.

They Hate Your Blinds Closed

Burglars love for you to keep your windows or blinds open well into the evening. They can easily case out your house from afar.

Unlocked Doors Are Always Welcome

Burglars rejoice when you leave your home unlocked for whatever reason.

They Want You To Open The Door

Burglars appreciate when you answer their unsolicited visit to your door. It allows them to get a closer look at you and your stuff. If you're not expecting anyone, it's okay to ignore the doorbell.

They Know If You Don't Have A Security Systems

Burglars count on your not having home alarm systems.

Your Hiding Spot Is Predictable

Burglars take for granted things you hide, especially valuable jewelry in medicine bottles.

They Check Your Mailbox

Burglars like it when you forget to put your mail and newspaper delivery on vacation hold. Piles of mail and newspaper on your porch means you're not home.

They Will Check Your Alarm If They Can

Burglars get ecstatic when they can see the keypad for your home alarm systems through glass doors or front windows and can tell if it's armed or not. Keep these keypads (typically mounted on a wall in a foyer) shielded by a coat rack.

Your Kids Toys Are A Dead Giveaway

Burglars are encourage by your child's expensive toys strewn all over the lawn. That's Burglar code for "This house is loaded!"

They Avoid The Kids

Burglars never go into your child's bedroom. And they don't want you to know that.

Upper Floors are Fair Game

It's rare, but burglars occasionally enter homes through second floor windows, confident you won't have upstairs motion sensors installed.

They Hate Animals

Burglars love it when you have no pets or nosy neighbors nearby. Buy a dog or build a relationship with neighbors and encourage them to report strangers loitering about your property when you're not home. Return the favor.

They Love Open Windows

Burglars thank you for airing out your house while you run an errand.

Most of all, burglars don't want you to know they look like you. The usual suspect is often clean cut, boy next door and very apple pie. Burglars hope that you don't have ABCO Security home alarm systems. Burglars dread ABCO Security, because ABCO is the largest privately owned security company in Eastern Kentucky. ABCO's team comprises employees who must pass rigorous background checks and drug tests and who have a great working relationship with the Prestonsburg Police Department. ABCO Security's home alarm systems and video surveillance system are the ultimate burglary deterrent.

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