Taking Extra Steps in Home Security

December 31, 2018

Looking to take a few extra steps in order to secure your home?  If not, you should be.  Residential homes make up the vast majority of targets for burglary.  In fact, in an FBI study, it was reported that 71.6% of all burglary offenses were targeted towards the residential sector.  What’s worse?  That number is growing.  Professional criminals know how to spot a home that lacks proper security.  The best option, obviously, is to install a reliable effective security system into your household. 

That said, let’s assume you already have a home security system.  What can you do to take extra preventative measures?  It may be surprising how simple it is to bolster your homes defenses, and the extra effort can go a long way in securing your residence, family, and valuables.  Here is what we suggest!

Secure entry points

Practicing good safety habits can do quite a bit to improve your home security here.  Before you consider putting any money into better doors or locks, remember that none of this will matter if you carelessly leave your doors and windows unlocked.  When leaving your home or going to sleep, always check that you’ve locked up all the entry points to your house.  As absurd as it may sound, the front and back door are the most common ways a burglar will enter a residence.  Most thieves will aim for easy targets that allow them to get in and out without making any noise- so an unlocked door or window simply tells them they can gain entry without kicking down a door or breaking a window, possibly alerting your neighbor.

Even when you are at home, it is wise to keep your home locked up.  Roughly a quarter of break-ins occur while someone is still home.  If your home has a sliding door, you may want to consider placing a plank across the frame, keeping the door from sliding.  Locks on sliding doors often have simple locks that are easy to pick, so adding an extra layer of defense here can eliminate a potentially easy entry point. 

Arm your doors with heavy deadbolt locks to give them a bit more muscle.  They are harder to pick, and if a thief is desperate enough to try and kick the door in, a heavy deadbolt will give him a challenge. 

When dealing with your windows, avoid using window installed AC units or fans.  They are simple to knock out and grant easy access to your home.  Having glass break detectors installed is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to placing motion detection monitors on all windows, and well worth considering. 

Know how to “display” your home

Experienced burglars know what to look for when searching for a target.  These minor steps are effective ways to deter their attention.

  • Don’t place boxes from expensive purchases where they are visible.  Break them down and place them in a garbage bag BEFORE putting them outside.  Leaving it out in the open only advertises your valuables.
  • Practice good lawn care, don’t let things get out of control.  Not only will your neighbors appreciate it, but letting your lawn get out of control will lead criminals to assume you’re out of town.
  • Place signs from your security provider in your lawn where it is clearly visible.  Feel free to throw a “beware of dog” sign up too!
  • Don’t publicize your vacations on social media.  If you are going on vacation, get a trusted friend or family member to house sit.
  • Make sure you regularly bring in your mail and newspaper.

Good lighting

Light increases visibility!  Criminals hate visibility.  Simple, right?  The smartest thing you can do with lighting is to install motion sensor lights at your front door, back door, and garage.  If you aren’t home at night, leave your front porch light on anyways, along with a TV inside the house.  Creating the illusion that someone is currently at home provides a great amount of deterrence.  If your home security system offers home automation, you can remotely turn your lights on from your phone, which is a nice perk to have if you are getting home late and don’t want your home appearing vacant.


A home security system is certainly your best option for securing your home, family, and valuables from malicious intruders, but it never hurts to go the extra mile.  Following these tips can protect what matters most, and provide a bit more peace of mind!


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