Security Solutions for Healthcare

June 12, 2019

Workers are exposed to several safety hazards on a daily basis, especially in the healthcare industry. Whether in a large hospital or a small health clinic, there are several risks to avoid when in this industry. Read the following solutions to ensure that your practice is healthy, safe and secure. 

Employee Security

Nurses, doctors and administrative workers in healthcare are at an increased risk for violence on the job. Workers are nearly 4 times more likely to be victims of workplace violence in the healthcare industry. Workplace violence can happen externally but commonly happens within the facility. Internal security may be more important to focus on to avert employee theft, workplace violence or violations made in your facility. 

Due to increased public traffic and large drug inventories, there are several security challenges that have been on the rise. 

• Control large crowds with fever detection screening solutions. We can help detect people with a potential fever which will lead to containment and limitation of spreading viruses. 

• The best way to protect against crime –both internal and external—is to monitor access within your facility during and after business hours. Access Control not only allows you to limit access within your facility, but it also allows you to create entry and exit reports of marked areas.

Video Monitoring

It is hard for a manager or doctor to stay connected and alert on each department when there are so many different rooms, patients and employees in hospitals or medical clinics. With the latest video equipment, you can check on your practice and manage operations from anywhere. With remote monitoring and intelligent video reports, employees and managers can make sure everyone is safe while meeting the needs of the facility such as HIPAA guidelines or liability policies. 

Guidelines and Liabilities

In the healthcare industry, insurance liabilities can be a pain to regulate. Video surveillance and monitoring can help by providing professionals with live footage to help identify potential risks and take precautions. With both Access Control and Video Monitoring, regulate and meet the standards for electronic exchange, privacy and security of information in your practice. We can design and install a customized security system that meets your facility's specific needs that comply with HIPAA regulations and to secure everything from prescription medications to patient history. 

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