Workplace Violence: Commercial Security

May 15, 2019

Violence and crimes can happen to anyone and anywhere especially at your place of work. Business crimes often occur from an outsource but crimes often occur within the workplace and even between coworkers. To avoid workplace feuds, follow some of the helpful tips and tricks below.

Team Bonding

Having a close team will initiate the growth of your business. Better connect your employees by coordinating a simple team bonding event like a work dinner. Other activities could include lunch catered to the office or attending a sports event. Regular team bonding activities can develop different skills of your staff by enhancing productivity, improving communication, and encouraging collaboration. If your employees are collaborating and working as a team, they will be less likely to experience violence between each other. 

Clear Expectations

Clear expectations should be addressed in your workplace including a discipline policy which describes the consequences of making threats or violent acts, outlines the procedures to report a complaint, and describes clear examples of unacceptable behavior.  Make it a commitment to regularly review and monitor the discipline policy to keep you and all employees accountable. 

Access Control

Access control gives you the ability to control who comes and goes from your workplace. This tool is becoming more popular and essential for local businesses.  With a ABCO Security access control system, you will have the ability to lock & unlock doors, disable access and create activity reports so you can keep track of the entrances and exits of your building using card keys, key fobs, electronic locks and even key-less entries. 

Seek our security experts at ABCO Security to help prevent violence and determine your specific security measures best suited in your business. 

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