Go Keyless So You Can Protect More

Forget about re-keying your building. With access control, you can quickly revoke access to your business with keypads and card readers.

And we can help. We design, install, and manage access control systems for eastern Kentucky businesses like yours.

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What we offer

  • Cloud-based management
  • App-based management
  • Local management
  • Access control equipment:
    • Readers
    • Door hardware
    • Credentials: card, fob, tag, ID badge, mobile
    • Network connection
    • Cloud services
    • Controller
    • Power source
  • Managed access
  • ID badging
  • ID badge printing
  • Full system integration
  • System design and installation
  • Local support and management
  • Door monitoring and power supervision

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How we'll custom design your commercial access control system

  1. Assess your needs

    Your security specialist will listen to you about your access control needs.

  2. Investigate

    Like a trained detective, your specialist will investigate your building to determine what equipment you need.

  3. Design

    We'll design an access control system and present it to you alongside the price to install. We'll compare it to other competitors' systems, saving you time.

  4. Install and Protect

    We'll install all the access control equipment and monitor it 24/7. We also provide training on the system so your employees are comfortable using it.

  5. Manage in Minutes

    You can manage your access control yourself or have us manage it for you from our local central station. We complete most changes in minutes.

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