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Mining Security With Expertise That Comes From Personal Experience

Founded by a local miner who felt the pain of being burglarized—twice—ABCO has know your needs best for more than 35 years. That's why we offer:

  • Custom-designed security systems
  • 24/7 wireless monitoring
  • Local customer service that cares

Plus, all of our mining security technicians are MSHA-certified and arrive at your site with their own personal protection equipment.

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Our mining security services

Intrusion detection

Don't let blind spots eat into profits. We design and install intrusion detection systems that protect your site's perimeter as well as interior and exterior spaces like:

  • Doors and windows
  • Mine offices and bath houses
  • Warehouse and storage facilities
  • Offsite pump stations and fans
  • Equipment storage yards
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Video surveillance

Need an extra set of eyes on your site? We install and maintain the latest CCTV cameras, so you can:

  • Monitor operations remotely
  • Supervise equipment operators
  • Monitor stockpiles
  • Document train load-outs
  • Supervise prep plants and belt lines
  • Protect assets and equipment
  • Control warehouse inventory
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Access control

Worried about who can access your site? With gated entry systems and electronic ID cards and door readers, you'll know exactly who can go where.

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Environmental monitoring

Don't sweat complying with regulations. Keep production on track with:

  • Tank level monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Spill detection
  • Slurry flow and pump supervision
  • Gas and CO detection
  • Fire and smoke detection
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Tired of systems that can't handle harsh mining operations? Clearly communicate with employees and visitors around your site through:

  • Fiber optic cabling and fusion splicing
  • Two-way radio systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems
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