Property Managers Have Unique Security Concerns

Whether you manage residential, commercial, or real estate properties, Bates Security and its family of local brands specialize in securing the various needs of your property management business.

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ABCO Security Systems is Top of the Class

  • Currently ranked #37 on SDM Magazine's list of the Top 100 Security Companies in America!
  • ISN Certified, which demonstrates our commitment to safety and worksite best practices.
  • Guaranteed installations and live, local customer support.
  • Secured, 24/7 wireless monitoring for fire and burglar alarms.
  • Enjoy one provider who can handle all your security and life safety functions.

Custom Business Security Solutions

Video Surveillance Cameras and Wireless Mobile Monitoring

As a property management business, your properties are your most valuable assets. Monitor your properties by utilizing Bates Connect, a mobile monitoring app. You may need to protect different angles of your property, which is why we walk your area with you, and develop a custom security strategy that will keep your most valuable assets- your properties and equipment, secured from every angle.

During your free consultation, we will review your needs and suggest a variety of camera systems that will fit your goals and budget.

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Alarm Systems for Property Management

Intrusion detection systems and establishing a secure interior and exterior perimeter may be the biggest insurance savings investment a property management business can make. Not only are you investing in your longevity and the security of your on-site assets, but you're protecting yourself from liability, so this is one system that pays you back.

  • Alarm systems come with 24/7 monitoring and support from our local central monitoring station.
  • We deploy a chain of notifications as pre-set by you to get the right people on-site when needed.
  • You can arm, disarm, silence, and check your security system from your smartphone!
  • With verified video response, we guarantee the fastest police response times because they can see what's happening in real-time. There will be no delays for a potential 'false alarm' with an ABCO Security Systems Business Alarm Security System.
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Access Control Systems for Property Managers

Your business deals with enough keys as is! With access control, you can quickly revoke access to your business or specific areas of it with keypads and care readers.

Your Custom Access Control System May Include:

  • Cloud-based management
  • App-based management
  • Local management
  • Access control equipment:
    • Readers
    • Door hardware
    • Credentials: card, fob, tag, ID badge, mobile
    • Network connection
    • Cloud services
    • Controller
    • Power source
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Complete Fire System Protection

A comprehensive fire detection system safeguards not only your building, apartments, condos or homes, but your longevity. In the event of an emergency, our monitored fire alarm systems detect and verify fires early and send help immediately. This lack of delay in response times can mean the difference between a total disaster and a minor business disruption. And that's critical to your bottom line. Our level IV NICET certified fire safety specialists provide only code-compliant fire system options for your business.

We Provide:

  • Fire system design
  • Fire system installation and monitoring
  • Sprinkler monitoring
  • Fire inspections
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems (EVAC)
  • Elevator monitoring
  • Emergency call station monitoring

Service Commitment and Guarantee Policy

Eligible systems come with a written and signed "Commitment to Service" which includes these guarantees:

  • $2,500 performance warranty
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day emergency service guarantee
  • False alarm guarantee
  • Lifetime equipment and service warranty

See your consultant for complete details and eligibility.

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Security Solutions for Property Management

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